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The Five Swedish Indie Acts You Need To Hear

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So everyone knows about the musical delights of The Cardigans, Roxette and Abba, but only a small percentage of the countries musical output reaches our shores collective ears. The country has the one of the biggest music industries in the world and only has a population of just under ten million.
These are the best acts that never made it big in the UK. Sit back, grab a bowl of Alpen and some peach schnapps and enjoy the sound of secret Sweden.

Henrik Berggson


Broder (brother in Swedish) Daniel were Sweden’s perfect rock n roll band. Hailing from Gothenberg (Sweden’s answer to Liverpool), Broder Daniel formed in the late 1980s and spent the 90’s trying to make the band a reality. The band learnt how to play on stage, went through member after member until they found their own sound for their breakthrough 1998 album ‘Forever‘. Heavily influenced by Jesus And The Mary Chain they mix epic guitar lines with punk rock idiology.

Reason to fall in love: The barely- in- tune, front man, Henrik Berggren would always be found with a star beneath his left eye, drowning in black and doing it for the ‘kids’.

Check out their excellent ‘When We Were Winning‘:

Kent have a huge following back home in Sweden and although they made an attempt to conquer the world in the late 90s they decided to stop the silliness of singing in English and have made some of the greatest albums of the 00s. They are constantly compares to Depeche Mode, The Cure and Radiohead but have their own anthemic sound style and one of Sweden’s best lyricists in singer Joakim Berg.

Reason to fall in love: They refuse to be recorded live, as they believe live music should only be seen in person.

Check out their last great single ‘999‘:

The Ark glammed up the 00’s with more swagger and camp than even The Darkness could muster. Ola Salo and co, took their time to get going, but by the time of their debut album We Are The Ark in 2000 they had the country singing their anthem of individualism ‘ It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane‘ to the top of the charts. Two albums later they were appearing on Eurovison to disastrous results. They broke up a few years later with a glorious farewell tour in 2011.

Reason to fall in love: Salo’s tendency to stage dive into the crowd then appear five minutes later back on stage in angel wings and gold hot pants.

Check out their most pop moment ‘Calleth You, Cometh Me‘:


Eskobar always seemed to be in a struggle as to what band they wanted to be. Their roots was a folk band, stripped back with guitar and light percussion, but then they could create perfect indie-pop records like ‘Into Space‘ and climb the Scandinavian charts. They never got to make an album that successfully blended their two personalities, but made many glorious records whilst trying.

Reason to fall in love: They never continued to stick it to the man and never employ a full time bassist along time before the likes of The White Stripes and Keane.

Check out their duet with Heather Nova ‘Someone New‘:

The Motorhomes only managed to last two albums. Their debut Songs For Me (And My Baby) was a post-Radiohead release that reflected with the late 90s melancholic bands of the same era. They managed to have the album released in the UK and received acclaim for the album’s main single ‘It’s Alright‘. They played the Reading and Leeds Festival, as well as few support gigs for Super Furry Animals and Shed Seven. Sadly, they received little airplay and struggled to find an audience outside of Sweden, with the demands of constant touring their lost their guitar player Daniel Skarr in 2000. Which is why its so damn odd why their second and final album 2002’s Long Distance Runner is such a great album. Ambitious, beautiful and highly commercial. Sadly the band never managed to become as big as they should have and their lead singer Mattias Edlund quit in 2004 and ended the band.

Reasons to fall in love: They wrote an anti-American track called ‘I Love The USA‘ controversial after the recent 9/11 attack, so controversial that on the album they decided  to remove the title and change the lyrics to “I love the modern age”.

Check out their greatest moment ‘The Man‘:

This is just a smidgen of the great bands out in Sweden and Scandinavia. Swedish indie bands can certainly rival most American and British acts as being the best in the world. Tack.

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