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Top 10 Cats In Music Videos (Feature)

We love cats! We love cats even more in music videos! Here’s our run down of the top 10 cats in music videos. BOOM!

Top 10 Cats In Music Videos Header

So here at HTF we are all big fans of those loveable balls of fluff that are cats. We like their meowing sounds, their friendly purrs, their soft coats and pretty much everything about them. One thing we do love is when one of these little critters pops up in a music video so we thought it was time to give you our run down of the ‘Top 10 Cats In Music Videos’. You’re in for a right treat I tell ya! Let’s get started…

10: Paula Abdul – Opposites Attract

I did have second thoughts about adding this one as the cat isn’t actually real. Let’s face it though, he is DAMN cool and for that reason deserves a place in the top 10. I wanna be like this cat when I’m older.

09: The Cure – The Love Cats

Plenty of cats in this one and the song name even has cats in the title. Brilliant! My main issue with this one though is a lot of them are dead. Would have preferred more live cat action. Still enough to warrant a place in the chart though.

08: Bjork – Triumph Of A Heart

Bjork does the right thing and brings up our first video of the chart of full ‘live’ cat. No dead ones or cartoons here oh no! This one even gets suited up. Had potential to be further up the chart but theres a bit of a ‘cat drought’ half way through the video losing it valuble cat points. A worthy attempt Bjork you Icelandic wonder!

07 – Devo – Cat Listening Party

Now this is what we are talking about. Cats EVERYWHERE! There’s black ones, ginger ones, grey ones and so soo many kinds! My only issue is, and this has a major impact on it’s charting, the video itself isn’t an official music video *Cue Boo’s and Hisses*. The video is basically just something Devo did to advertise their album by letting a room full of cats listen to it. Thing is, it’s so cute it just couldn’t be left out but for that reason had to lose a few points.

06: Holy Fuck – Red Lights

Holy Fuck have brought the cat goods with this stunning video! We’ve got cats playing drums, cats playing the bass, cats on keys and even an epic car crash between a cat and a dog. Now that’s what we are talking about!

05: Weezer – Island In The Sun

Could this be one of the cutest videos ever? Filled with the ‘Awwww!’ factor this video never fails to bring a smile to my face and, one major thing, it features more than one type of cat. We got little cats and lions and a panther! CRIKEY! Weezer you are spoiling us! If this was back-to-back cat this could be a contender for the top spot but the addition of chimps and bears means it just isn’t ‘cat’ enough! Watch now and get your “that’s so cute!” face out!

04: Ed Sheeran – Drunk

Now it’s a well known fact that Mr Ed Sheeran is a big cat lover. Ed, you are a man of taste and we saulte you for that. He loves them so much he bought one of the little balls of fluff in for this video and it’s brilliant. I want a cat best mate like this so I can go out drinking with it. I don’t think my cat Tuuli would be up for it. She’s way too busy being fat and sitting in front of the fire to get that involved. What a cat Ed, what a cat!!!!

03: Best Coast – Crazy For You

Ever wanted a crew of cats to film your music? Best Coast did and thought “fuck it, lets get some felines in and do this!!”. They’ve got little shirts on, they deliver tea and generally just ooze cuteness from every paw. Don’t underestimate them though. They expect the best and only the best! Turns out they can also provide drugs when needed as well.

02: Orbital – Wonky

So that bloke from Gavin & Stacey comes home one day and finds all his cats are talking to him and ends up getting killed by a cat driving a car. What is he thinking? Any of us cat lovers would be thrilled our little beauties could chat to us. No wonder they got annoyed at him, he clearly didn’t appreciate the awesomeness of the situation. Well we love them and that’s why they hit the number 2 spot on the chart. I will now pray nightly that the Lord might make this happen to me. We will have such fun!!

01: Fatboy Slim – The Joker

So, we have come to our number 1 spot and my God have we got something special for you. Fatboy Slim has basically gathered all the cutest kittens in all the land and made them a little town for them to run around and be cute in. It’s literally a heart melter. Watching little kitties go past some ducklings on a train is enough to warrant this as the best cat video of all time. Well done Fatboy Slim you have fulfilled all our cat needs!

So there you have it people! Cats are awesome but even MORE awesome when in a music video.

Leave us your feedback below and let us know any videos you think should have made the chart.

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