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Simon Cowell & Yahoo Team Up In New DJ Talent Show

Is this show going to be a success or a flop?

Source: Facebook Page

Simon Cowell is obviously bored of milking pop music and has had a new idea, you’ll never guess it, yes a DJ version of X Factor called Ultimate DJ. But he doesn’t stop there as the show is set to be streamed via Yahoo Screen and this carries more interest to us than the actual show. The ongoing challenge of analogue world becoming digital is now asking questions of TV platforms and with the likes of Netflix taking the world by storm, we wonder how will Yahoo provide this type of weekly programming to the masses.

The American DJ Talent show is stepping in the right direction by using a stream platform, but the concept of the show with a panel judging DJ’s premixed material and their live performances just sounds really boring. Fatboy Slim was reported to of turned down a judging role last year, which does leave the door open to many possible candidates, but we won’t know for sure until later this year.

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