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Riff Raff – EDM’s Answer To Justin Bieber?

Read why Mad Decent’s rapper Riff Raff claims he is the EDM equivalent to Justin Bieber. Yes, you read that right.


Source : Promo

Houston rapper and Mad Decent member Riff Raff is claiming that he is EDM’s answer to Justin Bieber.

To this claim he adds that his neon swim trunks, $1.3 million dollars, and 15 neon models are all part of his plan to being the “the first and only EDM rapper.”

In an interview with Billboard, he said; “I’m the first and only EDM rapper of all time. I wear neon swim trunks and muscle shirts and have magenta coloured hair, and have over 1.3 million dollars in real diamonds and I stay away from the haters. I want to be the EDM Justin Bieber. I’m Jody Bieber and humans aren’t gonna understand that until I have 15 super hot neon models with the loudest and craziest EDM trap neon rap set on the planet.”

Well one thing that’s certain, he definitely is one unique rapper. It also looks like Riff Raff knows just how to make it as well; despite not earning as much as Bieber, he accordingly “stays away from anything that doesn’t pay my $20,000 an hour”.

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