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Review: Bob Sinclar – Paris By Night (Album)

Bob Sinclar is back – and he’s ready to start your summer!

 Artist: Bob Sinclar
Album: Paris By Night
Release Date: Out Now

Is that summer I see before me? Because I’m certainly hearing it in my ears! Party anthem king  and prolific user of whistles Bob Sinclar is back with his 15th (!?!) studio album and from the offset it is jam-packed with enough hard hitting Ibiza House than you can shake a glowstick at.

The Gallic Gentleman is the father of modern super-club dance. Songs like Love Generation and  World, Hold On became instant classics, with Sinclair taking influences from reggae to disco, then blending it to become his unique beach-friendly genre of dance music.

Paris By Night however, sees Bob Sinclar going harder than ever before. In recent year it would be safe to say that Sinclar has been eclipsed in the world of eurodance by the like of Sweedish House Mafia and Tiesto, with revellers choosing the more harder sounds of the Scandinavians than Sinclair’s laid back pop dance.

Paris By Night begins with Summer Moonlight and it starts the album perfectly. Ghostly synths whip the listener into a frenzy, only to be interspersed with piano chords that most definitely herald the new beginning of Bob Sinclar. The lyrics aren’t particularly deep but then they don’t need to be! This is undoubtedly a party album and the celebratory theme continues throughout the record.

Each track exemplifies Sinclar as as master of mainstream house music. None more so than first official single from the album ‘Groupie‘. A sexy, naughty number, playing around with traditional sounds and fun vocal samples. And a similarly sexy video!

That said, Sinclar’s tendency to pick and choose styles and mix them all together most definitely hasn’t allayed and ‘Mambo Explosion‘ is just that – a joyous explosion of bongo, big sax and party vibes – someone pass me a Pina Colada – STAT! ‘Let Me Tell U Something‘ is another hard hitting chart-ready track, using a soulful, sassy vocal that carries a piano heavy, head bobbin’ backing. Similarly ‘Gipsymen‘ is a foot-stomper, yet keeps the strongly European feel, evident throughout the entire album (and who doesn’t enjoy a good accordion?!).

That said there are a few moments that are a bit, interesting, to say the least. ‘My Guitar‘ begins promisingly, traitorous minor chords warm the listener that something dastardly might be round the corner, and when the vocal sample drops in, the listener is enticed…it seems that Bob has enlisted the help of some Polish old boys to put their finishing touches to the album…how the track will go down on a dance floor is yet to be imagined.

Album finishes with an ode to nursery rhymes ‘Cinderella‘ which is quite difficult to comprehend. The track, quite literally tells of a love affair between Humpty Dumpty and our Cinders. There’s no other way to describe it…as for the track? Well it certainly pulls Humpty off his wall with a vibing bassline to delight “All The King’s” men.

In total, Paris By Night is a fun, party-starting album that sees Bob Sinclar get more serious and try and take on the high-charting, big-hitting Eurodance demi-gods. However, despite the distinct lack of whistles, it remains to be seen whether Sinclar can match up to the Swedish big boys…


Reviewer: Elizabeth Mary Ward

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