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Patrick Topping | Interview | May 2014

We catch up with the Tech House producer from Newcastle ahead of his set at Hideout Festival in Croatia this year

Source: PR

Patrick Topping, signed on to the famous Hot Creations record label, has become a sensation after releasing his song, “Get Beasty” which quickly climbed to number one in the Beatport charts. HTF speaks to Patrick Topping ahead of his set at the famous Hideout Festival on the Croatian “Island of Pag” in July.

HTF: Hey, it’s Nick here from HTF! It’s good to chat to a Techno producer that’s not from Berlin, how are you?
Patrick: Hey Nick! Haha I do play quite a bit of Techno in my sets, but not that many people would call me a Techno DJ, although I do make some Techy tracks.

HTF: Where are you from? What’s the scene like there?
Patrick: I’m from Newcastle in North east England and the Techno/House scene here is actually unreal! Honestly, I keep telling people I reckon it’s maybe the second biggest outside of London, or at least on par with Leeds and Manchester. So many wicked parties going on each week.

HTF: At what point did you realise “Get Beasty” would be such a hit?
Patrick: I never expected it to go on to reach number one on Beatport or anything when I made it! So I guess I actually realised when I saw it enter the charts so high.

HTF: What has the response been like so far?
Patrick: It’s been so good. Loads of mint artists that I admire have played it, which has blown me away. People I didn’t expect, like Ida Engberg and Joseph Capriati, who are proper Techno and I love.

HTF: Your new “Boxed Off” EP is out now. Tracks such as “Forget” have that signature bassline you’ve created. Is this something you will continue?
Patrick: I make a variety of stuff most people haven’t heard as it’s unreleased. Most do have that heavy bass sound, but on some tracks the bass isn’t so prominent.

HTF: Who are your idols when it comes to producing?
Patrick: Well wAFF and Jey Kurmis who are two friends of mine, are also my favourite producers. I’ve probably played more of their tracks in my sets than any one else. wAFF is well established, but Jey has his first releases coming out soon and they will blow people away.

HTF: You are playing at Hideout this year, is this your first time?
Patrick: I played at Hideout last year, but that was just as my profile was starting to grow. I played at a party which was linked with the club night, which I still promote in Newcastle, called Motion. This year, we are doing another Motion pre-party at Hideout, and I have a separate artist set at the festival too, which I’m buzzing for!

HTF: What can the crowd expect from you?
Patrick: I’m not sure what time my set is at the Motion party yet. Last year I was on quite early, so played to the sunny setting a bit. This time I have two sets, so not going to hold back as much and bang it out a bit more.

HTF: What are your top 3 songs at the moment?
Patrick: Paul Ritch – Run Baby Run, Jey Kermis – Kari, Alden Tyrell – Some House

HTF: Anything to add before you go?`
Patrick: I might as well add a shameless plug in! I’ve got a few remixes about to come out of Sidney Charles, Leon, Yousef and others, so I am excited for people to hear them. Also check out the Paradise DC-10 line-ups for Ibiza this year, they have just been announced and are ridiculous. I’m honoured to be a resident.

See Patrick Topping at Hideout Festival in Croatia 30th June – 3rd July. For more information please visit

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