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Is The Numark NV DJ Controller The Beginning Of A Paradigm Shift?

Could it be time for a significant change in the way people mix music for an audience?

Source: Promo

Source: Promo

As technology continues to evolve towards smaller and faster computers, DJs stand to reap some major benefits. Could it be time for a significant change in the way people mix music for an audience? If the brand-new Numark NV controller is any indication, the DJ industry could be in store for some big advances. Here are a few things worth noting about this piece of next-generation hardware.

For any DJ who is on the go, portability is important with any gear, and this controller packs some serious functionality into a reasonably-small footprint. At only 21 inches long and 13 inches wide, this unit can easily slip into a backpack or gig bag when it’s time to hit the road. Weighing in at seven pounds, this model is light enough to carry without breaking your back, but still has enough heft to feel like a sturdy piece of technology.

Despite the slim build of the unit, you can expect to find all of the components that you need to turn in a high-quality set for your audience. The Numark NV, which is available online features the dual five-inch touch-sensitive platters are designed to be ultra responsive in any environment, regardless of humidity levels and temperature changes. The knobs on the controller can also be controlled by either twisting or touching, which allows the performer to make changes on the fly or dive in deep to create a signature sound.

In the DJ world, everybody wants to have plenty of channels to produce the ideal mix, and this model comes with four, which is unusual for a unit of this size. For those who like to integrate FX into the soundscape, the NV lets you use up to 6 different FX per channel, which ultimately gives you control over 12 different profiles.

Additional hardware aside, when you first lay eyes on this new controller, your eyes will be immediately drawn to the dual 4.3 inch backlit screens on either side of the unit. These bright color displays show all kinds of information about your mix including cue points, waveforms for beat matching, and track libraries. These two convenient readouts let you put the laptop down beneath the table and eliminate a barrier between you and your audience.

Many DJ controllers come with a stripped-down version of the proprietary software with the goal of enticing you to spend extra money to upgrade to full functionality. This model is plug-and-play with Serato DJ, and the full version of the program comes included in the box, so you can get right down to business without going shopping for more applications.

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While it remains to be seen what DJs will do with this piece of equipment, the arrival of a controller that packs this much functionality into a small package could signal the beginning of a shift in the way people in the industry put on a show. Thanks to two integrated screens, there’s no need for a giant laptop display to take up room on the table, and the operator can better connect with the audience to see how the party is going. Basically put, this model allows for a simplified setup without sacrificing quality in the performance.

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