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Leading Doctor Suggests UK Needs Three Day Weekend For Good Health Benefits

A leading Doctor has suggested a three day weekend would make Britain a happier place. An extra day to party? Sounds good to us! Read more here!


Source: Mitch E (Facebook)/Marcus C Photography/Rafters Maidstone

Here at HTF, we are absolutely stoked at the idea of a three day weekend every week. An extra day to party, rock out and rave our rears off? That sounds like the stuff of dreams! However, leading doctor Professor John Ashton, believes that a three day weekend could be beneficial to the general population!

Professor Ashton believes that a three day weekend would reduce work-related stress, allow people extra time to spend with family and friends and also cut the level of unemployment nationwide. Sounds like this may be the greatest idea ever!
Professor Ashton is quoted as saying: “It would mean that people might smile more and be happier, and improve general health”.

Statistics also show that a large amount of people are all for the idea, with The Guardian reporting that a YouGov survey found that 57% of workers would prefer a 4 day week and 71% agree with Ashton’s theory that it would lead to a happier Britain. Right on, doc!

We would be all up for an extra day to party with, but let us know your opinion in the comments box below!

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