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Interview: MC DRS (HTF Exclusive)

Click here to find out what happened when Emilie HTF caught up with MC DRS. There is talk of Britney Spears and Eccles cakes… You have been warned.

He is one of Soul:r‘s most promising artists of 2012, and after 15 strong years in the business as a globe trotting MC, DRS has finally released his highly anticipated debut solo album entitled ‘I don’t usually like MC’s but…‘. HTF were lucky enough to catch up with MC DRS to talk about why after 15 years he decides to release this album, who he would rather forget in the Industry, and of course there is talk of Britney Spears. Here is what happened when Emilie HTF met MC DRS.


HTF: Good morning MC DRS! How are you today? Have you been enjoying the Sunshine?

Yeh I have been enjoying the sunshine as much as possible. Well sitting in the shade, I’m not a big sunbathing person.

HTF: Fair Play. Now it has to be said that your track ‘Count To Ten’ featuring Enei was pretty BIG! And it has got us all excited about your forthcoming album ‘I Don’t Usually Like MC’s But…’. So what else can we expect from the new album (which is released end of August) and what were your influences?

Ermm… Well there’s loads of styles and vibes on the album, I feel like it’s a good representation of myself both verbally and musically. There’s some stuff you would expect from me, but I think there is also a load of stuff you would not. My life and the lives of those around my music I would say.

HTF:‘I Don’t Usually Like MC’s But…’ is in fact your debut album despite the fact that you have been a highly respected MC for almost 15 years, as well as being part of English Hip hop group ‘Broke N £nglish’. So why did you decide to record your debut solo album after 15 years?

There was no big decision to do an album really, it just came about after conversations between me and Marcus while driving round the UK between sets. I always wanted to do a album, but I think if I did it any other time, or with another bunch of people I would never of got the sound and vision I was looking for. So now was a good a time as any. Haha.

HTF: ‘I Don’t Usually Like MC’s But…’ is an interesting name for an album. Is there a story behind it and if so would you tell us about it… please?

 It’s just a common thing people/promoters/artists say and have said to me over the years… haha Followed by various other quotes I won’t go into. So when I was thinking of an album title, it was an instant winner. People seem to like it?

HTF: It definitely caught our attention and we like it. Now not only are you a talented MC and recording artist, you are also heavily involved with the work of infamous record label ‘Estate Recordings’, which is home to the likes of HTF  favourite Skittles. So what can we expect to come out of Estate recordings over the next few months?

Yeah we have loads of stuff. First the new single from Chimpo and Fox (the eyez) “harder” out next week. Then there’s a Skittles single “in for me” with remixes and a jokes video.. oof. Then the Eyes album, New Broke N English and THE SKUTTLERS project!! People aren’t ready for that!!!

 HTF: Yeah we have interviewed Strategy of Broke N English… we weren’t ready for that either. Now as we mentioned a few times before, you have been in the business for 15 years and you are still going strong. Which artists have been the most influential to you over the years? And are their any new artists out there that are getting you excited?

Wow! There’s too many to mention! But the ones I can say who have always backed me are Calibre and Marcus intalex. That’s a lot of inspiration between them haha.

HTF: Any artists you have come across that you would rather forget?

Nah not really, after leaving Good Looking Records back in the day I spent a lot of time bitter towards LTJ Bukem and the label, but now I look on those times with fond memory. So no, you meet wastemen and women in every walk of life, it’s them who have the problem. Haha

HTF: We couldn’t agree more. Now we have some weird and wonderful questions donated to us by our readers and friends (and maybe even one more from me). Would you be happy to answer these for us?

 Yeh  of course.

HTF: Manchester City or Manchester United?


 HTF: How do you feel about Britney Spears?

Big up Britney!! Come get mash up with the Estate recordings family some time!! haha

 HTF: OH MY GOD! We LOVE Britney too! Anyway Eccles Cake or Manchester tart?

Eccles cake, just for the Salford connection.

HTF: Tell us a secret about yourself?

I cry all the time at random shit!

HTF: Same-sies! Anything you would like to tell us that we didn’t ask you?

Yeh. What’s my favourite summer DRS cocktail?

The Higher Broughton sunrise! =E&J and Strawberry soda!= Mmmm loads of ice!  try it! haha

HTF: Yummy! We are on it! And on that note we would like to thank you for chatting with us today MC DRS! Good luck with the new album!

All good and thanks for your time also. Bless.

HTF: Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafe. 


Interviewer: Emilie Hickling (HTF)

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