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Interview: Madam X (HTF Exclusive)

HTF Introduces you to the one & only Madam X. See what she’s all about here…


Madam X is the girl you see in the dance throwing shapes like a psychopathic mathematician. Madam X is the girl who jumps on the decks and causes utter carnage. Madam X is the girl you wish you could jam with because she’s rad as fuck. A little over the top? Well they do say you should say things 3 times to remember them and Madam X is a name you won’t forget.

With an impressive gig history of playing Warehouse Project, Exit, Outlook and clubs all over Europe, Madam X is not one to shy away from taking on a big crowd. Championing the likes of Karma Kid, TCTS, Maribou State, Cosmic Revenge, and Queenie. She has a broad spectrum of musical knowledge making her sets unpredictable and energetic.

Aside from being a sick DJ she’s part of Manchester’s finest Murkage Cartel and is a founder of the forward thinking record label BPM – ‘Big People Music’. We talk to her about her new show on BBC Radio 1XTRA (Tuesday night 1-2am), her influences and who she’s backing for 2013.

HTF: Hey girl! Congrats on the new slot of Radio 1XTRA! What can we expect to hear?

MX: My sound is pretty broad, but it’s usually on a 140BPM kind of wave. I rep a lot of Grime, UK Funky, Garage & trippy cosmic sounding Bass music so you’ll most likely hear a mash up of these kinds of sounds within the hour!

1xtra is the perfect platform for me to expose some really sick artists that maybe haven’t had much attention focused on them on a national level, so expect a lot of underground, unknown artists on the show. I’ve got some brand new material from Zed Bias & Paleman coming off Swamp 81, some new Pelican Fly & Butterz material, and a lot of forthcoming releases off the ‘Big People Music’ record label (BPM) that myself, Dj Darka, Phaze One & T.Dot have set up.

MXSKYPEHTF: Tell us about skype sessions?

MX: Yeh so this will be kicking off within the next couple of weeks. I’m basically arranging a series of skype interviews with my favourite producers, and putting it up on youtube.

It’s gonna be a good opportunity for people to see how these producers operate and make music in their natural habitat- so whether they’re in their bedrooms, or in a studio in their basement, it’ll be a nice peek into their production process. And just a bit of fun really. Nothing too serious. The first one is kicking off with Karma Kid which’ll be great- He’s making mad movements at the minute!

HTF:It has been known for people to draw parallels between you and Oneman, what do you reckon to this?

MX: Ha! That’s pretty sick! Oneman is one of my favourite Dj’s. The way he mashes tunes up rapid is a big influence on my mixing style. I like blending tunes that you won’t expect go well together but go off! So, if anyone compares me to Oneman, I get pretty gassed!

HTF: Who are your main influencers?

MX: Aside from Oneman, DJ EZ is definitely a big influence on me. Everytime I see him play I go home and get back on the decks. The way he operates Cdj’s is mad!

HTF: What’s your jam at the moment?

MX: ‘Mishima Curse- Samename‘ He’s a Manchester based producer, Mishima Curse is like some next Grime tune with oriental Japanese influences. Trust me when you hear it, you’ll know why it’s a vibe. I’m playing it on my 1xtra show on Feb 12th so tune in Tues night 1-2am (UK time).


HTF: What were you listening to when you decided to hit the wheels of steel?

MX: I started Djing when I was 17. I was really into TEED and Joker, and a lot of that early Dubstep stuff Mary Anne Hobbs would play on radio. It was always bassy kind of music.

HTF: Who are you backing to have a big 2013?

MX: Get to know about Queenie, TCTS, Samename, G.S.One, T Vicious, Dark0 and Philly & Jazz. Wicked producers!

HTF: What do you think is the most important thing for you as a DJ for people to take from your sets?

MX: Memorable and enjoyable. If they wake up the next day still vibing then I’ve done my job properly!

You can catch her on Radio 1XTRA Tuesday nights 1-2am playing the best in Grime, UK Funky and forward thinking bass. Or if you fancy a trip to Switzerland, she is playing at District 4 in Zurich on 9th February.

Listen to her latest mix for Point Blank here:

Keep up to date with Madam X on:

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