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Has Ibiza Become Too Expensive? Paul Oakenfold & Afrojack Speak Out!

DJ’s have spoken out against the rising costs of the ultimate party destination, Ibiza

Source: Promo / Official Facebook

Has Ibiza become too expensive? Regular DJ’s such as Paul Oakenfold, who is a White Isle regular, seem to think so. Oakenfold recently stated that the ultimate party destination has become too pricey saying:  “I feel like they are ripping us off.”

Due to rising prices, fans have to pay more and more each year, and to make matters worse, some clubs are charging Ã¢â€š¬15 for a drink. Oakenfold is not the only DJ that has spoken out, Afrojack has said: “The whole magic you used to have on Ibiza is not possible any more because a ticket is €75. I go to Mykonos, play exactly the same thing and you buy a €10 ticket. They are too focused on the VIP.”

Are you a regular Ibiza goer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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