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Have You Downloaded Yet? Fans get Rusko ‘Kapow EP’ for free!

Rusko released his new EP for free at the start of the month! Have you downloaded your copy yet?

Rusko  dropped the ‘Kapow EP‘ at the start of the month and what’s even better it’s for free. Staying true to form the ‘Kapow EP‘ shows a slightly different side to the Rusko of old but that is a good thing as these four new tracks give us a insight in to the way that the Leeds producers mind works. He tells why he has decided to release the EP for free.

“The natural thing for me to do is release ‘KAPOW’ myself. How I want. The way I want and at the speed I want. It’s about promotion and not profit – I want to give the fans the music in real time. If they can help me promote it too then it’s essentially what a label does anyway but just without copyright restrictions. The fans are key in the success of ‘KAPOW’. If you like it, send it to a friend. I just want everyone to be able have my music if they want it.”

Individually each track brings us a new flavour of how the Electronic scene has evolved into what it is today. It would seem like the more a producer like Rusko experiments with sounds and techniques the better it is for us!

Head over to to download the EP for FREE!!!


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