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Deadmau5 Gives Us New Tracks – But Denies Us Twitter…

Deadmau5, new tracks and twitter foul play…


So, this is all a tad confusing…

Deadmau5 has been a busy little rodent lately and emerged from his studio-den with 7 beefy EDM tracks for the deadmai5 (does that work?I’m going to make it work) to wrap their ears around. Named “Acedia”, “Avarita”, “Gula”, “Invidia”, “Ira”, “Luxuria” and “Superbia”, you latin speakers amongst us will have twigged that the tracks are named after the seven deadly sins. SO in a nutsheel – Deadmau5, new tracks, seven sins, tickety boo.

Well not quite…

Deadmau5 then, as any self promoting dj would, took to twitter to share his proud productions with the world. But sadly, little Joel found something on twitter that he didn’t like – TWITTIODTS. Basically, people didn’t get the whole ‘7’ idea and instead spotted the term IRA and lost their proverbial shit.

So Joel threw all his tweets out the pram and has decided to let ‘management’ deal with that particular social platform.

If you ask me, everyone concerned is showing off the 8th deadly sin. Stupidity.

Have a listen to Deadmau5‘s new stuff down below…

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