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Deadmau5 Calls Out Arcade Fire

Deadmau5 takes offence at Arcade Fire mans comments about ‘real musicians’.

Everyone loves watching a good old spat break out, especially if those involved are caught in the public eye. Well it looks like a new one could be ready to raise it’s head! In one corner we have Deadmau5, and in the other are his opponents…. Arcade Fire.

At the recent Coachella Festival, Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler fired the first shot by taking a dig at electronic music saying :

“Shout-out to all the bands still playing actual instruments at this festival.”

Not surprisingly Deadmau5 took offence to this and decided to vent his feeling on his Twitter account saying …

“arcade fire needs to settle down. some dudes devote their lives to instruments, others to electronic composition by cpu, dafuqs yer problem?…………if i wanna watch real artists perform, id pick the opera before wasting a fucking minute of my life with arcade fire. #do youevenscorebro?”

No response from any member of Arcade Fire yet but let’s see where this goes!

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