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Cassius new video “I <3 U So"

Cassius release a new single and you can be a part of the music video

The French electro DJ producers Philippe Cerboneschi and Hubert Blanc-Francard really have been around for donkey’s years. And it’s good to see that they haven’t just fizzled out but are still releasing records to this very day. Cassius are fond of fun gimmicks to help promote their work. For example they once released the a cappella of their up coming single and requested fans do their own remix of the track – they claimed to have received nearly 400 versions of their own song!

One of their latest tracts “I <3 U So”  for starters uses SMS-style abbreviations in the title where ‘You’ is replaced with ‘u’ and ‘Love’ is replaced with ‘<3’ which is supposed to look like a side-ways heart

In the music video people’s mouth’s are covered by a popular brand of telecommunications device which has a moving video of lips singing the lyrics. If you visit the Cassius MySpace page you too can download an application for your device and you can then submit videos of you, or rather your phone lip-syncing to the song… those crazy French!!!!!

Written by: Mike Thomas for

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