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Carnage & Tony Junior – Michael Jordan (Listen)

Carnage and Tony Junior team up to smash down your eardrums

DJ Carnage has teamed up with Tony Junior to bring you their self-professed festival smasher of the summer, all in the name of the Nike trainer messiah, Michael Jordan.

Released on Dim Mak this week, ‘Michael Jordan‘ is a big, dirty, beast of a track, ready to dominate the big beastly festival stages it was designed for.

The drops are obvious, the vocals are minimal and by a minute in, you can’t help but picture the throbbing mass of muscle vest-wearing, fake tanned, guidos and guidettes that will be losing their proverbial shit to this track over the coming weeks. I’m not too sure how, if it all, it links to Michael Jordan, but hey! Who cares! Let’s just fist pump along!

Unashamed dance music, this doesn’t pretend to be anything but huge and crude. If you can’t beat ’em join ’em…

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