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10 Songs With The Rock Of The Irish!

Ten tunes from our neighbours across the water, check out our top Irish bands here.


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Let’s face it. Most of us have played up our supposed Irish heritage at some point. There’s just something cool about the Irish. Maybe it’s the Euro? Or the Guinness? Or the amazing musical heritage?

The musical heritage we hear you ask, what musical heritage? Well, let us prove you scallies wrong with this bumper list of the top ten Irish ever.

Note: For the sake of argument we’re including bands from both Northern Ireland and The Republic Of Ireland. Music has no place for divide after all!

10. The Undertones – Teenage Kicks

Punk’s often wrongly cast as a London scene. In reality, you had scenes all over the country and Ireland was no different. Growing up in the rough backdrop of the 1970’s troubles, the band was surprisingly more upbeat and fun than their London genre counterparts. There’s a reason John Peel adored this song after all…

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