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The TENA Men Advert Is Pretty Funny – You Might Piss Yourself!

Source: Screenshot

So you have probably heard of TENA pads yeah? Always a good conversation starter with someone who works at a care home or maybe something to chat about in a deep meaningful natter with an old lady at a bus stop. Normally associated with the older lady, it looks like they are now trying to appeal to the old geezers as well and have released this hilarious advert for ‘TENA Men’.

There’s no tampon style advert going on here talking about dryness and people dancing. This is all about being a man, winning at chess, taming a lion, breaking wood in half with your mind and, the most important one, not pissing yourself.

A pad to help keep you dry if you piss yourself has never been so cool. Anyone else think the guy has a hint of Ron Burgundy to him?

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