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Seth McFarlane Is Put To Shame By Real Life Peter Griffin!

Robert Franzese is our hero, why? Because he’s the real-life Peter Griffin from Family Guy and guess what? We love his impressions more than Seth McFarlane!

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There aren’t many people in history who were better than their idols, until now. Robert Franzese is the real-life Peter Griffin and does a better impression than his sensei Seth McFarlane, that’s right we said it. It’s only fair to say that Youtubers and other Family Guy fans have nailed the characters voices but to be the best Peter Griffin impersonator you have to live and think like Peter Griffin, which is exactly what Robert is now famous for thanks to viral footage from New York’s Comic-Con. To many people being called Peter Griffin is an insult but to Robert it’s a compliment as he copied the animated character to perfection, even to the “Freakin'” glasses.

The video below gives you a brief look into how Robert became the real-life Peter Griffin and follows him around for the day at New York’s Comic-Con. Our wish is that Seth has seen the video and will make the Robert the real Peter Griffin in future episodes of Family Guy.

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