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MTV Reveals Details For New Scream TV Show

Scream spin-off TV show set to be directed by Wes Craven

Source: Scream Press ShotMTV has revealed a bunch of character details and also announced the director for its brand new Scream TV series.

Wes Craven, who directed all four Scream films, will be taking charge for the TV series, which was originally announced in early 2013. Three females and a male are set to be the show’s main story-driving characters.

MTV has revealed details on each of them:

– Harper Duval: A 16-year-old beauty who’s a little too introverted and intellectual to be a social butterfly but has nevertheless been anointed by the popular crowd to be one of their own. She feels guilty that she has drifted away from former best friend Audrey, but at least she’s got a Gilmore Girls-esque relationship with mom Maggie to keep her sane.

– Audrey Jesen: Haper’s former BFF is described as the bi-curious daughter of a Lutheran pastor who’s more arresting-looking than pretty. This artsy loner dreams of being a filmmaker and shares a close bond with tech genius Noah.

– Noah Foster: Audrey’s closest confidante is creative, brilliant and tech-savvy enough to be the next Steve Jobs. Lucky for him, he’s got a great sense of humour (a la John Cusack in his teen prime) that helps him navigate the halls of his high school. What’s more, Noah possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of books, films, TV, apps, etc.

– Margaret “Maggie” Duval: Harper’s mom, in her early to mid-40s, is the town’s medical examiner, a grown-up science geek who plays down her beauty. Maggie spends a lot of her time trying to make up for the fact that Harper’s dad abandoned them. Oh, and she’s harbouring a dark secret from her past.

There you have it. Much can be made of the character specifics, but plenty remains to be revealed, which is probably a good thing seeing as though Scream has no official date as of yet but is aiming to air some time in 2015. Keep an eye out on Hit the Floor for more news and be sure to let us know if you think this spin-off TV series is a good idea in the comments below.

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