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Mrs Brown’s Boys Didn’t Deserve Best 21st Century Comedy!

Mrs Brown’s Boys? Best Comedy? It’s like that time that Will Young won Pop Idol, or that time Britain voted themselves out of the EU. Except so much worse.

Source: Mrs Brown's Boys

Source: Mrs. Brown’s Boys

It’s like that time that Will Young won Pop Idol or that time Britain voted themselves out of the EU. Except so much worse.

If like me, you’re still reeling from the recent announcement that Mrs. Brown’s Boys received the award for Best 21st Century Sit-Com then you are not alone! Despite being dubbed by critics as the “worst comedy ever made”, the public seemed to disagree in a vote run by Radio Times. Sitting here in utter shock that this weakly-written comedy managed to pip the post in preference to the like of The I.T Crowd, The Office, The Thick of It and Black Books. Who votes in these things?

My biggest problem with the show is that it only works on one level, the slapstick, slightly OTT style with “fecking” thrown in now and then for good measure as some comic refrain. The kind of comedy I can’t appreciate on any level apart from the fact that it’s mindless.

Many of the other comedies listed rely heavily on slapstick  (IT Crowd, Bad Education) but have leveled this out with some element of intelligent humour, and some decent themes. Mrs. Brown’s Boys just seems to amble from one meaningless chuckle to the next with very little else to support it.

I’ll begrudgingly admit that in a public vote, I’d have still expected Mrs. Brown’s Boys to make the list, but I’d have rightfully placed it in the high teens (ideally 19 and 20), along with similarly-styled Miranda. To cheer myself up, I read through a few of the most scathing tweets about the result.

@jennings_182 “Mrs. Brown’s Boys being voted best British sitcom of the 21st century only adds to my utter hatred of the general public.”

@GeneralBoles “Well nobody in my timeline likes Mrs. Brown’s Boys, so I don’t see how it could have won that poll.”

@AngrySalmond “If Mrs. Brown’s Boys is the best sitcom the BBC has in production, I am genuinely terrified to see how awful their worst must be.”

@NicAubry “Can we please stop asking the British electorate what they think about stuff?”

Ouch. No holding back there, eh Twitter?

Despite the brutal take-downs, he’s received on Twitter, writer, and star Brendan O’Carrol says the result reflects the public’s views on British comedy. He said “It vindicates the fans’ belief in the show. They have kept us on the air – it certainly wasn’t the reviewers.”

Although it’s not my cup of tea, it still came out on top. So maybe it’s my sense of humour that’s slightly off? If that’s the case, I’m still happy as I am!

Here’s a list of the rest of the results, where’s your favourite placed?

  1. Mrs. Brown’s Boys
  2. The Office
  3. Peter Kay’s Car Share
  4. Count Arthur Strong
  5. The IT Crowd
  6. The Thick of It
  7. Gavin & Stacey
  8. Miranda
  9. Raised by Wolves
  10. Outnumbered
  11. Peep Show
  12. Black Books
  13. Green Wing
  14. The Inbetweeners
  15. Bad Education
  16. Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights
  17. Yonderland
  18. Twenty Twelve/W1A
  19. Benidorm
  20. Detectorists

Do you agree with the list?

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