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13 Pokemon The Designers Just Gave Up On

Whoever came up with some of these Pokemon must have been smoking some bad legal highs.

Source: Pokemon

Source: Pokemon

With 721 to catch, Pokémon fans are bound to come across one or two that are just a bit, well, shit. We’ve all got that one that we just hate, purely because it looks like something they let the work experience kid draw on a Friday evening when nobody else could be bothered. I can guarantee you it didn’t take a whole day to design a ditto, did it?

So, we’ve trawled through all six generations of Pokemon to find the ones that are just bad designs. Who ever came up with some of these needs to share what they’re smoking!

Source: Bulbapedia

Source: Bulbapedia


So we’ll start with the Pokemon that inspired me to write this article because it’s a bloody key ring! For Klefki it might be quite convenient, you’d never lose your keys because they are part of your body. But it does absolutely nothing for me in the design department. There are a couple more Pokemon like this, where it seems as though the design team have sat in the office playing “Eye Spy” until they find an object they could attach a personality to it. And of all things, they chose a bunch of keys? Each to their own.

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