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10 Presenters Who Would Better Stephen Merchant As The Crystal Maze Host

It’s not that we don’t like Stephen Merchant, it’s just we want someone with a bit more mystery to host The Crystal Maze.

Source: Promo Image

Source: Promo Image

Twenty years later and the television gods have answered our prayers. Well, if your prayers were for the relaunch of a 90’s game show that petered out due to less and fewer people caring initially. No, we are not talking about Robot Wars, Ladies and Gentlepeople, but in fact The Crystal Maze! Isn’t that fantastic news! In just a couple of months time a group of “celebs” will be unleashed on London’s Crystal Maze experience, guided by their excellent new host.

David Tennent was initially rumoured to follow in the footsteps of Richard O’Brien and Ed Tudor-Pole. Instead, we got Stephen Merchant; the tall, spectacled bloke from everything Ricky Gervais has ever done.

Maybe Merchant will be great leaping around the Aztec zone with admirable gusto and energy, but we have our doubts.

So who could take up the mantle of the host? We’re glad that you asked.

Source: Promo Image

1) Noel Fielding

When in doubt, turn to the guy who looks like he was raised inside The Crystal Dome. Noel would add the sense of the surreal that O’Brien mastered so well. We suggest that every team should have to perform a team crimp at the beginning of the show, for unity.


Source: Promo Image

2) David Lynch

The Crystal Maze always excelled because it was a little bit odd, so let’s just ramp up the weirdness levels even further. The Twilight Zone meets The Crystal Maze – “The Twilight Maze” if you will.

From the log that eats the contestants to the maze fans ripping Dappy from N’Dubz to shreds, it might be post-watershed, but we’d stay up to watch it.


Source: Promo Image

3) Michael Barrymore

Perhaps the best gameshow host ever before “the incident” – that’s what we’ve been to say on the matter.


Source: Promo Image

4) Craig Charles

We missed him like hell when Robot Wars rebooted. His boundless enthusiasm, energy and poeticism would make him a surefire hit. He’s also a fan of The Crystal Maze, but it’s another legal minefield here!


Source: Promo Image

5) Eddie Izzard

Eddie is a different style of eccentric. Every mazemaster must have a trademark style, and Izzard’s red beret fits that bill perfectly.


Source: Promo Image

6) Jo Brand

Might be an outside the box choice, but would be worth it just to hear her exclaim “fuck that!” at every physical challenge.

Source: Screenshot

7) Michael Owen

Expect highlights like: “The Crystal is rolling down the pipe, that means the team have won the task”, “If they’d have won the task then Brian would have been available for the Aztec zone” and “balance is the key to crossing the balancing beam”.


Source: Promo Image

8) Simon Amstell

Haven’t heard much of him lately, what’s he up to? Would be amazing just to see him rip contestants to shreds with his cutting remarks.

Richard Ayoade poses for a portrait at The Collective and Gibson Lounge Powered by CEG, during the Sundance Film Festival, on Friday, Jan. 17, 2014 in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Victoria Will/Invision/AP)

Source: Promo Image

9) Richard Ayoade

Deadpan to an absolute tee. Plus Richard Ayoade is seen as God in our eyes.

Source: Promo Image

10) Richard O’Brien

Let’s just get the legend that is Richard O’Brien back. It’s not like he’ll want to be associated with Rocky Horror after MTV’s remake airs…

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