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10 Game Shows From The 90s They Need To Bring Back!

With Crystal Maze and Robot Wars making returns, we look at other nineties game shows we’d love to see rebooted!

Source: Channel 4

Source: Channel 4

With the announcement this week that nineties game show classic The Crystal Maze will be returning to our screen for a one-off charity edition, hosted by Stephen Merchant any fan is, of course, over the moon. I mean, that show was awesome!

Recently we’ve had a right treat on the box, with another legendary show Robot Wars returning only a few weeks ago. What other classic shows that have been brushed under the carpet that we need to see, again! Surely some of these will be up and coming for a reboot soon!

Source: ITV

Source: ITV


The list starts with my all-time favourite show, with Gladiators topping the list! The original strength based competition – think Total Wipeout, just way simpler – in which members of the public would challenge the Gladiators to numerous physical challenges to earn points. The contestants would take on the toughest obstacle course, the Eliminator, at the end of the episode, and the series amounted to a final in where they crown the public’s true Gladiator.

The challenges, although pretty basic, were great to watch. It left you wanting to have a go at hitting someone with those big padded cotton buds!

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