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Is The Future Of Facebook A 360 Degree World?



facebook 360

Source: Facebook

Facebook seem to be diving deep into the world of 360-degree media of late with it introducing 360 video to the platform and most recently 360 photos that allow your panoramic shots to become a truly immersive experience. Pretty cool eh?

Facebook 360

Source: Oculus

They are now adding to this 360 world once again with the launch of 360 video reactions. If you weren’t aware, Facebook acquired virtual reality company Oculus back in 2014 and have been working on integrating the social media platform with this technology for a while now. While watching Facebook videos through your VR device, this new feature will now allow you to pick from the standard ‘Like’ reactions which others will be able to see float by on the video. This feature is due to appear on 360 photos soon as well.

Now this isn’t exactly a mind-blowing addition BUT….with all these changes being made to the platform it does make you think about what the future is going to hold.

360 degree media is already seeing a rise in popularity in the world of digital entertainment with music videos from the likes of Redfoo, Avicii, Foals and many more, taking advantage of the technology. Vloggers such as FunForLouis have partnered with Go-Pro‘s 360 team to give their subscribers an even deeper look into their lives. And one area in which it has also proved to be surprisingly effective is in the live filming of sports, having recently been trailed by at their Aspers casino poker tournament. It probably won’t be long until you will be watching the football from the middle of the pitch as well. It’s a pretty exciting time!

With Facebook already working on the VR side of things, it seems that we may be going from looking at Facebook on our screens….to being inside Facebook itself!  At Facebook’s F8 developer’s conference in San Francisco recently, Mark Zuckerberg suggested they want to make users feel like they’re right next to their friends, seeing and experiencing everything in real-time.

Could Facebook chat soon be replaced with a virtual room of your friends (and random people you added!)? Will scrolling through your timeline be replaced with a virtual walk-through gallery of thoughts? Will the ‘Poke’ feature actually poke you?

Quite soon it could be more than just having to get off Facebook when you’ve had enough….you’re going to need to get OUT!

Inside The Future of Facebook

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