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Nothing More Entertaining Than A Fight With An Invisible Man! | Sponsored

Who would have thought that fighting no one could cause so much damage?!

Mads Mikkelsen

Source: Screenshot

Award winning Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen stars in a new action packed film short for BoConcept Furniture which see’s him battle it out with….no one!

As the furniture company arrives at his apartment for some redecorating, Mikkelsen appears to be confronted by an invisible man who is intent on getting hold of a silver briefcase. Punches are thrown, tables are broken, walls are smashed and running at just under 3 minutes long, it’s pretty packed to the brim with invisible action; all while the furniture people just look confused and crack on with the unloading and decorating. Considering Mikkelsen has just turned 50 he is still very much kicking some ass!

Speaking to LBB Online he said about the role; “It’s been a while since I have had a more physically demanding role like this one,” “I really enjoyed doing these stunts – I may just have turned 50, but I am in super shape and I think it is so much fun to do things like this.” 

Check out the video below and learn how you can “Make The Most Out Of Your Space”.


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