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Ikea Take A Look At The Insanity Of Instagram Food Photographers | Sponsored

Stop taking photos are eat your food!


Source: Screenshot

We all know someone who does it! You are out for a meal together and they have insist on whipping out their phone and spending half the meal trying to take the best photo possible of their food. The taste doesn’t matter, or the fact it will go cold, all that matters is it looks great with a Mayfair filter and the hashtags are on point. Oh, and don’t forget those likes!

But what did these types of people do before the days of Insta? Well Ikea decided to take a fun look at what Instagram foodies may have been like back in the olden days and let’s just say, it was a little bit more work.

If you do wanna check out some awesome looking food on Instagram though, maybe check out the Vegans Of LDN account. So much tasty goodness! On that note, I’m off to eat falafel; and no I won’t be taking a photo of it. Sorry!

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