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Game Of Thrones – Episode 1: Iron From Ice | Game Review

Read out thoughts on the new Telltale Games Series ‘Game Of Thrones Episode 1: Iron From Ice’ here.

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Telltale Games and HBO’s Game Of Thrones have become allies following their release of a new 6 episode game series which starts with ‘Episode 1: Iron From Ice‘. The game series resembles an interactive version of the award-winning TV series telling the story of ‘House Forrester‘. The 2 hours 15 minutes of game-play feels like a new Game Of Thrones film, therefore to truly appreciate the game it’s recommended to watch past the TV Series’ third season.

Episode 1’s story is told through the perspective of three characters; Ethan Forrester, Lord Forester’s third-born son; Mira Forrester, Lord Forrester’s Eldest Daughter and Gared Tuttle, Squire to Lord Forrester. Telltale’s renowned ability to deliver great acting and narrative is then brought to life as the player’s control the discussions the three characters choose. The games fluent momentum is kept through the timed choices the characters make mixed with the occasional, limited free roaming and some simple fighting action.

The choice of stepping away from the real life look to intentionally give a more artistic feel through the graphics was a bold move as there are parts throughout the game where this aspect can be truly appreciated. However, glitches in character conversations and poor camera movement in free roam areas, showed that the graphics weren’t at the game’s full potential. Also the discussions that you make with the characters don’t seem to have any impact on the narrative of the game.

Hopefully before the next episode’s release the glitches and camera movement improves, but the inevitable storyline of Episode 1 sets the tone and plot brilliantly for the next 5 episodes in this game series. The goal of the game was to deliver a believable drama through the medium of gaming to all Game Of Thrones fans and successfully did so. However the game’s potential fell short as no boundaries were pushed despite having the resources of next generation technology on their side.

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