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Woman In Black Prequel?

Hammer Film Productions have given the green light for a prequel to James Watkin’s horror-fest; The Woman In Black. Find out more information here!!

Now we know what you are thinking, how can you make a sequel for a film that was based on one novel, where the main protagonist dies at the end? Well you make a prequel! We have now managed to get our hands on some concrete information about the up and coming prequel to James Watkins’s horror-fest; The Woman In Black: Angels Of Death! Sounds menacing!

The feature takes place during the Second World War, where Eel Marsh has been taken over by the British government and used for a military mental institute. So we have mental patients as well as a freaky woman in black roaming the corridors of the isolated mansion! Instead of Daniel Radcliffe, the protagonist is a young nurse named Eve, who is sent to the house to watch over the patients. However, she encounters some frightening goings-on that she cannot explain… or survive!

Interestingly, Hammer have managed to get the original writer Susan Hill to join forces and suggest and develop a story just as good as the original, for the prequel. Simon Oakes, Hammer CEO stated “We are proud and honoured to be working with Susan again on a wonderful new tale every bit as atmospheric and terrifying as its predecessor.”

Unfortunately, there’s no director, cast or start-date as of yet, but with the success of the original, we are sure many directors will jump at the chance to take on the feature and make it their own! We will keep you posted!

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