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Superman: Man Of Plastic?

The new Superman: Man Of Steel Lego sets have been announced! For children and immature adults alike. Yay!

Lego SupermanIf there was ever anyone who could be described as having “lego man hair”, it would be Clark “stuck in the past” Kent, or Superman to the kids. Now that description is ever more literal with the new ‘Man Of Steel’ Lego sets, for kids and immature adults.

As well as being cute little toys, these sets also give away quite a lot about the yet to be released film. One of the sets called ‘Superman: Battle for Smallville’ shows Zod and his hench men flying a crazy ass spaceship in a fight between them and the allied Superman and Colonel Hardy, played by Tommy Lee Jones in the live action film.

It’s pretty safe to say that something big is going down in Smallville. Superman is also using his laser eyes on the box. Something that hasn’t been alluded to in trailers. Could Henry Cavill be breaking out the lasers in ‘Man Of Steel’? Or is this just lego designers thinking lasers are cool?

Superman Lego Box

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