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Producers Want Rose Byrne For The Something

The Australian actress is in talks to star in Sci-Fi comedy, The Something

Source: Insidious

With Bad Neighbours raking it in at the box office this month, the producers are looking for Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen to team up again as quickly as possible. This time though, Rogen will be on producing duties with his production company, Point Grey Pictures trying to convince Byrne to sign onto their next film, The Something.

Not much is known about the plot other than it’s set in space, but Rodney Rothman who is directing the movie did speak to Collider a few years ago explaining some details about it. He claimed that it is a horror comedy “about four guys in space who have been there for five years and hate each other and it kind of becomes Alien. And they basically end up boarding a ship that has women on it. It’s the first time they’ve seen women in five years. And then shit just goes crazy.”

Sounds enticing and given that Rothman has written both Get Him To The Greek and 22 Jump Street, hopefully a lot of the Judd Apatow alumni will feature with the roles of the four guys needing to also be filled.

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