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New! The Amazing Spider Man Viral Videos.

The plot thickens…new Spider Man viral videos right here!

Further progressing it’s impressive viral campaign and insisting on causing the lines between fantasy and reality to blur, The Amazing Spider Man has released two new videos.

Here Doctor Curt Connors continues his experimenting, which has already seen him combine animal DNA with that of a Lizard. We join the good Doctor as he begins to ponder the results of introducing human DNA to the equation. It would appear however that this idea being, as he puts it, “Hypothetically speaking” might not be entirely accurate. By the looks of him, tweaking and twitching like his got his finger in the plug socket again, it seems Connors may have jumped the gun and began this process already…no prizes for guessing who he has used as his test subject?

The Amazing Spider man is released on the 4th of July.

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