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New Machete Includes Space Violence

The trailer for the new fake film ‘Machete Kills Again…In Space’ has been released to the internet.


With a love of terrible films, HTF is proud to present the new ‘Machete‘ trailer. Director Robert Rodriguez is an inspiration to low budget film makers as well as a fan of the genre himself. After creating excellent sagas like his Mariachi trilogy and Sky Kids, he has returned to his roots.

His first film, ‘El Mariachi‘, was made on a budget of just three thousand dollars, and to be honest showed none of the technical qualities that one would expect from a Hollywood action film. Hollywood however had the insight to see through the mistakes he had made and look on the positives. They gave him three million for his next movie, ‘Desperado‘. It was so much better but still rather cheap.

He finished off the trilogy with 30 million and a host of huge stars. Antonio Banderas returned for ‘Once Upon A Time In Mexico’ joined by Salma Hayek, Johnny Depp, Eva Mendes and Willem Dafoe among others. Rodriguez had progressed through the ranks to the big time.

In 2007, he and long time friend Quentin Tarantino decided to return to their backgrounds and create the films that they watched as kids. Grindhouse films. The awful sleazy motion pictures of the 70s and 80s filled with chauvinistic, gun toting, mad men. And they were the heros! No wonder Tarantino’s films are so messed up.

Rodriguez made his zombie horror ‘Planet Terror’. It was excellent and considered the better of the two films my many people, but what really caught people’s eye was the fake trailer for a film called Machete before the showing.

The popularity of that trailer got ‘Machete’ made. The popularity of ‘Machete’ got ‘Machete Kills’ made. The sequel that released earlier this year and is scheduled for DVD release in February. In front of that film was the fake trailer for ‘Machete Kills Again’.

And now released to the internet is the crazy  trailer.  Always wanting a trilogy, it seems that despite the poor revenue from the Mechete franchise, Auteur Robert Rodriguez is going ahead with it anyway…in space! From the early start in the second of Rodriguez’s films, Danny Trejo returns as the most outlandish and insane Machete yet.

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