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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joins Sandman

Joseph Gordon-Levitt announces he will be aboard the comic book adaptation.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has just recently confirmed not only will he be getting involved with Sandman but that Neil Gaimen, the comic book’s original creator, will also be on board. The announcement was made by Joseph Gordon Levitt via Twitter and included the hash tag ‘prelude’ suggesting that the film will be based on the first comics of the series titled ‘Preludes and Nocturnes’.

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 20.12.32Joseph Gordon-Levitt has confirmed that he will be producing however, rumours have circulated that he may be playing a starring role and may also take the helm with Dark Knight Rises writer David Goyer producing. However these speculations are yet to be confirmed. What is certain though is that as a new adaption of a comic emerging into a market drenched in comic adaption sequels and spin-offs, Sandman definitely has the potential to breathe a breath of fresh air into this genre of cinema. Lets hope JGL, Goyer and Warner Bros. pull it off and meet the fans expectations.



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