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It’s Happened…”Sexy” ‘Frozen’ Halloween Outfits Are Here!

Stuck on what to wear on Halloween this year? Well check out this ‘Frozen’ range of “sexy” costumes!

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Stuck on what to wear this Halloween? “Sexy” schoolgirl already taken? Well not to worry, we might just have the answer!

What can be better than being (in quotes) “Sexy” and topical?  Well thankfully the folks at have somehow met those needs with a range of outfits inspired by the Disney smash ‘Frozen’. Because nothing says sexy like dressing up as a character from your little sibling’s favorite film…right?

Essentially a over-sized baby grow with furry buttons on it. If you squint perhaps, you may see some resemblance to Olaf. With added PVC  gloves that look like an MJ video gone wrong, this isn’t likely to melt any hearts, or stiffen any twigs either…

The only saving glory is the elasticated nose. And that’s only because it will provide five minutes of drunken laughs as you run around pretending you have a carrot penis. Oh how you’ll laugh! Or you would if the buggers hadn’t removed it from sale…somehow Disney must have deemed this too similar to their copyrighted film characters…

Other, also removed from sale, ‘Frozen’ costumes are pictured below. Question is, can you guess who they are meant to be?



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