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‘The Green Inferno’: Trailer For New Roth Gore-Fest

A new trailer for Eli Roth’s latest blood-splattered cinematic offering is now available online.

Source: The Green Inferno

Over the last decade or so director Eli Roth has drenched audiences in a slew of blood and gore, debuting with the delicious decay of Cabin Fever and the viscera voyeurism of the Hostel films. Now he’s back with a brand new offering: The Green Inferno.

Drawing inspiration from Cannibal Holocaust, the legendary 70s video nasty, Roth’s latest addition to his abattoir repertoire follows the standard horror trope of good clean wholesome ‘civilized’ folk traipsing around where they really have no business, because that’s a scenario that’s never gone wrong quickly before… (We’re looking at you Wolf Creek).

Currently The Green Inferno doesn’t have a UK release date but it is set to hit US cinema screens 5 September.

Check out the trailer below:

Warning: May Contain Spoilers!

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