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Enchanted 2 Is In The Works

Disney have confirmed that they have hired some new writers to pen a sequel to the 2007 hit

Source: Official still

Disney have today confirmed that they are planning on releasing a sequel to their 2007 film, Enchanted, which starred Amy Adams.

The movie was a huge hit, taking $350m worldwide and the only real surprise is that it’s taken Disney so long to announce the sequel.

The gig has been handed to J.David Stem and David N. Weiss who have Shrek 2 and both Smurf movies under their belts to date and so they have a history with younger audiences. Anne Fletcher is on board to direct, taking over from Kevin Lima who is currently working on a Bollywood muscial.

The role was something of a break-through for Adams and whether or not she will be returning yet has yet to be decided. Disney are notorious for releasing direct-to-dvd sequels of their classics however, with none of the original cast returning, and so we really hope that the House of Mouse will not put this into the same bracket.

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