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Disney’s Paperman Short Online!

Disney have released their Oscar nominated short; Paperman online for the world to see. Check out the full length animation here!

John Kahrs’ beautiful Oscar nominated short film Paperman has finally been put online for the rest of the world to see. The short is usually shown alongside Disney’s new animation Wreck-It Ralph, but the studio have acknowledge the buzz surrounding this elegance piece of art and have uploaded it to stand as a separate film. Check out KahrsPaperman short below! Watch out, it will make your heart swell!

The seamless combination of hand-drawn art with computer generated imagery is like nothing we have seen before; the effect is this vintage Disney we haven’t seen in years! The film follows the simple boy-meets-girl plot in a 40s-style monochrome world, where a little creativity and determination can go a long way.

We won’t spoil the viewing for you but just note that you will have a big heart and teary eyes after. Paperman will arrive on our UK screens along with Wreck-It Ralph on February 8, so be sure to check it out on the big screen where it was intended!

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