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Disney Planning A Live-Action Version Of Dumbo

The studio are planning to produce a live-action version of the 1941 classic elephants tale, Dumbo

Source: Dumbo

Disney are on something of a roll at the moment when it comes to producing live-action versions of their animated movies. Having recently released Maleficent based on Cinderella, they also have Beauty And The Beast, Jungle Book and Peter Pan adaptations in the pipeline.

This time round though, it seems that Dumbo will be getting the treatment, with news announced that the studio are planning a live-action film based on the big-eared elephant.

Ehren Kruger, who has written Transformers: Age of Extinction and Tron: Legacy has been tasked with turning the cartoon into a real-world adventure, where presumably large doses of CGI will be used.

The original story featured Dumbo, an elephant born with huge ears who is relentlessly mocked and forced to perform in a circus. Following an extremely trippy dream, he discovers that he can fly and so frees himself from the circus and back into his mothers trunk. It is considered a Disney classic and Kruger has his work cut out for him to ensure that his vision matches up to the 1941 cartoon.

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