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Darren Aronofsky Responds To Noah Critics

Darren Aronofsky has come out and defended the green stance taken by his Biblical blockbuster Noah

Source: Press Shot

Darren Aronofsky has responded to criticisms of Noah’s ‘green’ message during an interview with CNN. With one critic having branded the character Noah as an “environmental wacko”, Aronofsky defended the stance taken by the film as true to the source material:

“It’s in Genesis,” said Aronofsky. “Noah is saving the animals; he’s not out there saving innocent babies; he’s saving the animals, he’s saving creation.” The 45-year-old director continued by saying that “It was very clear to us that there was an environmental message. To pull that message out of it, we think, would have been more of an editing job than just sort of representing what’s there.”

Aronofsky also went on to cite a climate change report by the UN: “the water is rising, and we already saw it once… we are living the second chance that was given to Noah.”

Noah, which topped the box office in its opening weekend in the states, hits cinemas in the UK tomorrow.

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