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Vice Magazine’s Suicide Photoshoot With Paige Morgan

Model Paige Morgan speaks with frankness of her relationship with her career, here.


The age of pretty perfection continues to fester with deception and falsehood seeing an increasing amount of models dishing the dirt on the fashion industry after the lens retracts and the lights dim. Removed of glitter and glamour, voice of model Paige Morgan echos within the wrath of feeble yet untamed opinion formed around the issue of model rights, exploring her view of “the model as the person who has the least amount of power”.

Titled ‘Last Words’, Vice’s spread made shallow combination of female writer suicides being canvassed through fashion, criticised for its face value approach and depiction. Speaking with great fatalism, Morgan described herself as “know[ing] very well that  is is not my place or my job to ask, ‘Well, what are you going to do with this? Are you putting any fashion credits on it?’”, supporting popular opinion of modelling as ‘not all it seems.’

Going on to describe a lack of contextual preparation surrounding her role as a commercial model, Morgan highlights vividly her belief of such powerlessness as defining her capabilities within her career – “you pose how you’re told to pose, you wear what you’re told to wear, you pose with who you’re told to pose with”.

A camera may zoom and capture, but to delve beyond emotionally guarded issues for the sake of fashion is an issue of controversy. Despite attached to negative stigma, Paige Morgan’s role within the uproar has allowed awareness of the modern day model as an individual frequently challenged by her own industry.

You can read directly of Paige’s experience on the Vice shoot, here.

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