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Smirnoff Strikes A Pose – Vogue! | Sponsored Video

Strike a pose there’s nothing to it, VOGUE!

Smirnoff Vouge

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“Voguing is taking the music, presenting your story and bringing it to the person. Voguing accepts everyone.”

If you are anything like me, or as old as me, the first time you even heard the term ‘Vogue’ was from the former queen of pop, Madonna. I say ‘former’ as for me it’s now all about T Swizzle (Taylor Swift) these days. Sorry Mazza! Anyways….

This dance/fashion hybrid was stylish, expressive and got everyone ‘striking a pose’ on dance floors across the world and even now many of the world biggest stars still utilise the power of vogue in their videos and performances.

Originating from Harlem back in the 1960’s, voguing started off under the simple names of ‘performance’ or ‘presentation’. This catwalk-mime-esque art form quickly took on a life of its own finally becoming Vogue as we know it and cemented itself as part of the LGBT community.

As part of Smirnoff’s current ‘We’re Open’ campaign, the brand are celebrating this subculture releasing new cocktails in honour of vouging and they even thrown their very own vouging party in Stockholm back in April (Where were our invites eh?!). Some of the subcultures best dancers were invited to attend and the brand hoped that from this event it would increase exposure to vouging and LGBT’s culture of acceptance.

While most of us dance like manic’s on fire on the dance floor let’s drink to the people who really can work it and let dance bring us together! Strike a pose!

For more information visit the Smirnoff Website:

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