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The Perfect Chillin Place For Your Perfume

There are so many beauty product tips out there but we give you the best tip for one of the most used beauty product, perfumes!


Source: Balenciaga

Women are always looking to make their beauty life more simpler for themselves. Surfing the net to find time and money saving tips and techniques is what many women do. Every girl has her favorite beauty product and for many of you its perfume, you probably collect all your favorite fragrances to wear on different occasions.

Like casually or for more formal events, or according to whether like summer and winter. So we will give you the best way to make your perfumes last for longer with the same original quality of the fragrance.

To stop your perfumes from changing scents, we advice you to place your perfumes in the fridge. Many of you are probably thinking what kind of advice is this…well fragrances can go bad due to extreme heat. Well this summer weather is definitely giving off some scorching sun rays, so we think it’s time we took up some weird advice.

Plus why not look at the positive side of it all! When you spray the perfume on your neck and your pulse points, you will feel cool and refreshed…as if you’ve took a dip in the pool!

But be sure to place it on the door of the fridge, as you don’t want your perfume to freeze up. The fridge can have really freezing temperatures like the crisper and it may have the same effect as the summer heat, so just don’t go overboard with cooling down your fragrance!

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