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Kim Flaunts Surprising Blonde Locks

A bad dye job or strange new cut – who knows what that wig could be hiding!

Source: Kim Kardashian Instagram

When Kim Kardashian stepped into a New York hair salon on Wednesday, nobody was predicting her to emerge shortly after with glowing blonde locks replacing her trademark dark features. Posing for the awaiting paparazzi and fans, Kim further fuelled the prank by declaring on Instagram; ‘It’s baaaaack!!!! #BlondeHairDontCare thanks to @SergeNormant.’

Once the surprise had worn off and Kim had got everyone debating her new look, she confessed it was in fact a wig – had us fooled! However, we’re yet to see what’s underneath that wig. Could Kim be preparing for more surprises? We’ll have to wait and see….

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