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Joyrich | Interview | May 2014

Joyrich are becoming a huge name worldwide, and their Spring/Summer’14 collection has proved exactly why. Find out what their creative director and designer had to say, here!


Joyrich are a firm favourite here at HTF and also amongst A-listers like Lil Wayne, Rita Ora and Rihanna. The LA based label have really made a name for themselves with their fresh take on 80’s/90’s fashion, but we wanted to know more. We caught up with Creative Director and Designer, David Melgar, to find out everything we could about one of the most exciting brands around.

HTF: Hi! Can you tell us how Joyrich was born?

DM: Joyrich started back in 2007 by the founder, Tom Hirota. Started initially as a boutique and he later brought me on as the brand’s creative director and designer.

HTF: Where does your inspiration come from?

DM: I get my inspiration from an array of sources. I’m a huge music, art and film buff so my head is always heavily dug in those things. However, I love 80’s and 90’s street fashion, the POP and anything POP culture. Since my background is in Graphic Design, I love print, textiles, colour and love being able to mix all these influences/inspirations together and I think, when I do that, Joyrich’s aesthetic is created.

HTF: The new collection has really got us in the mood for spring! What is your favourite piece from the SS14 range?

DM: Every season I love playing with florals. It’s such a cliche fabric for spring, but I love designing our florals with a little edge and fun. This season I played a lot with that concept and placed florals on sports fabrics, like mesh, and make mesh floral basketball shorts and mesh floral tanks. This type of mixture is what I love to do season after season, and it turned out to be my favourite concept/pieces of this season.



HTF: We love Joyrich’s collaboration pieces. What can we look forward to next?

DM: The reason why I love to do collaborations is I feel it completes the story we try to tell every season. So I try to collaborate with artists, characters or companies that I feel can best complete that story. I love working with Disney as I’m a HUGE Disney fanatic, so you can expect new and fun Disney collaboration pieces as well as unexpected collaborations you’ll just have to wait and see.

HTF: Who is the typical Joyrich customer?

DM: The Joyrich customer is a person who loves to express themselves, stand out, be bold and make a statement. I’ve seen supporters from all walks of life – from fashion forward people, hip hop rappers, pop stars to your average supporter looking for a piece that represents them as a person. That’s what I love about how we design, that we don’t cater or lock into one specific person, but create for everyone!

HTF: Joyrich has been spotted on some huge names worldwide. Have any asked for custom designs?

DM: YA! It’s been amazing to see people support our brand, whom we love, look up to and listen to! It’s been the most amazing compliment ever! We’ve never been able to custom any designs for any specific people, but in the future (once we get more free time) I’d like to be able to do so.



HTF: What is a normal day at Joyrich HQ like?

DM: We have a pretty small, family/team here in Joyrich LA. We typically start with morning meetings which consist of Sales, PR/Marketing meetings, design/creative meetings, weekly meetings, etc. Usually when I’m in my creative zone, I’m found at the top of our loft blasting music, being a loner haha. We have a great, young, talented, energetic team of people working at the Joyrich HQ!

HTF: What’s next for the label?

DM: We’re constantly trying to evolve and reinvent ourselves every season. Trying to stay ahead but still understandable and relatible . We’d love to expand our lifestyle and open up more stores, make a presence in Europe, and just continue to grow overall as a brand. We’re planning on being around for a long time, so we shall see where the road leads.

HTF: Last but not least, where can readers buy Joyrich items?

DM: You can check us out at! Also via Instagram or Twitter.

Interviewer: Lucy Sharp

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