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J-Crew Gets Skinnier In Shock Sizings Controversy

Taking skinny to a new level, J-Crew’s latest sizing on clothes causes more controversy.

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J-Crew have come under fire this week for their decision to introduce sizings 000 or XXXS in their stores, raising concern among consumers and critics alarmed at what this means for promoting eating disorders and false representations of a healthy body image.

According to the brand, J-Crew reveal the new sizing is a natural move in a bid to cater to Asian consumers who, they say, have a naturally more petite frame to Western consumers. In a statement, J-Crew stated that they; “extend additional sizing to accommodate customer demand primarily coming from the Asia market. Our sizes typically run big and the Asia market tends to run small.”

However, criticism has suggested the small sizes are an attempt of “vanity sizing”, whereby sizings are labelled smaller than they actually are – a claim J-Crew firmly deny. Yet with the new sizing measuring up to a 30.5″ bust and a mere 23″ waist, we can’t help but wonder why the label are catering to the smaller percentage of skinnier consumers, and not extending their sizings above a UK size 16, where there is definitely a higher demand. With the brand keen to promote their smaller sizes in a bid to cater for consumers…why can’t they extend the effort the other way?

What’s your opinion on the introduction of a XXXS sizing option? Whether you agree or disagree, drop us a comment below. 

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