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Interview: Felicity Hayward (HTF Exclusive Fashion Interview)

Suffolk born beauty and nominee for Best Plus Size Model, Felicity Hayward lets us in on what her unexpected life as a plus size model is like. Check out her interview here!


Known world wide and just nominated as Best Plus Size Model, Felicity Hayward lets us in on what its like to be a top plus size model. She kick started her career by doing a shoot with Miles Aldridge himself, leading onto being represented by Milk Management, Wilhelmina in New York AND Curve in Germany! It won’t be long till she’s popping up everywhere having already been featured in Vogue and American Glamour.

Having not originally chosen to be a model, she’s doing incredibly well and handling that busy lifestyle like a trooper! We already know she’s pretty down to earth as it is, but I cannot be expressed enough how normal and fun she genuinely is. We managed to catch up with Felicity to hear what its like for her in the modeling world. Don’t forget you find out more about Felicity Hayward through her Twitter, Instagram and on

HTF: Hey, Felicity! First off your first photo shoot was a big one, so what was it like the first time being on camera?

FH: Everyone has nerves, it’s only natural, but growing up with a grandfather who was a keen photographer and studying a degree in photography has made being on camera seem like a normality.

HTF: Your first main shoot was with Miles Aldridge which kick practically started your career, what was it like working with him and has it all been worth it?

FH: It was fantastic, we had security guards on set all day looking after the all the diamonds I was wearing. He was a total gentleman and I felt totally comfortable working with him. The set designs and attention to detail were incredible, I felt like a movie star.

HTF: That first shoot with Miles was you as Anna Nicole Smith. When you were doing the shoot how did you get that through?

FH: It happened to help that I had an obsession with her. I’ve always been obsessed with her and I don’t want to say it came through naturally, but because I’m very much into old school glamour and because it’s all the things I love, and people I enjoy watching in movies, I was very lucky because it was quite easy.

HTF: In one of the photos with the milk…it looks amazing and looks really cool but, what was it like actually doing the shoot, it must’ve been quite awkward. Was it uncomfortable?

FH: It was more funny. That was the first picture we shot, and the milk was really heavy, that was the only problem. I know you said it might’ve been awkward, but I just thought it was funny. I just thought it was a bit surreal that I’m standing here pouring milk all over my boobs in front of Miles Aldridge! So it for me, it wasn’t awkward. I would say, I wish we’d shot it last because having sticky milk over yourself isn’t the most glamorous thing.


HTF: Was being a plus size model something you were interested in (even in the back of your mind) before you were actually a model?

FH: Not at all, like I previously said I studied to be a photographer, I had run events, had a spot at Djing, sourced vintage clothing and been in a band amongst other things. When the opportunity came about I was keen to give it a go.

HTF: That’s great that you were up for trying something new, and just up to be a model, because some people don’t have that kind of confidence. What message would you send out to all the girls out there who need that confidence boost?

FH: I think you have to be. The essence of everything in life is happiness. Happiness and love. You need to be happy within yourself which isn’t the easiest thing to come across. I mean I’m still not happy with myself 100% and I don’t think anyone is. I think you just need to believe in yourself. Everyone is different and everyone is beautiful.

Some people don’t want to become models, I necessarily didn’t ever want to become a model, it just kind of got dropped in and I thought, this is quite fun. And I enjoy what I do, I enjoy the fact I’m different sized model I’m not your average sized model, I’m not your regular model, I’m not a mannequin. I’m myself, and I get employed as myself. I’m a normal person, but I just have a ridiculous wardrobe.

HTF: What do you think you’d be doing now if you hadn’t become a model?

FH: Teaching art lessons to children with behavioural and emotional difficulties.

HTF: Why specifically would you teach?

FH: I’ve done that recently. I’ve already done that, working with boys with behavioural problems, then decided I’ll model full time, but it’s something I would go back to.

HTF: Which was your favourite shoot so far?

FH: Obviously the Miles one is up there, but I can give you a top three. I can’t give you a one. It would be Miles Aldridge, then Patrick Demarchelier for Glamour which I got flown over to New York to do, then the third one would be my ID magazine cover. They’re all equally my favourite for different reasons. Miles is because it’s the first one and it was ridiculous, ID because of the cover and Patrick because it was in New York.

HTF: You’re already known worldwide and people have said that you’re ‘the next big thing’ which is pretty exciting! So what do you thinks in store for you in the future? and how will you play it out?

FH: Very! I feel very honoured to have been so lucky with in my career so far. I have worked with some lovely clients and photographers. I think the key is to be yourself and treat people nicely and don’t take yourself too seriously. I have some ideas of where I’d like my career path to go, but I’m going to keep it secret for now, I don’t want to jinx it!

HTF: Another thing would be that you’ve been nominated as Best Plus Size Model which is amazing well done! What was your initial reaction, and how did you feel?

FH: Yeah! Yeah, you know I was just very flattered, very honoured and flattered that I’d be picked

HTF: Who would you love to do a shoot with and why?

FH: I would love to be featured in a GUESS Campaign. They have a classic look which I feel has been strong over the last couple of decades. All their models look like movie stars, every girls dream.

HTF: Lastly, just out of the blue, to get to know you. What is your favourite film?

FH: Cor! That’s really hard, it’s going to be a David Lynch film I think… I want to make the right decision here. (laughing) I’m visualising my bedroom … Female Trouble by John Waters…yeah Female Trouble.

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