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Instagram Introduces New App: Hyperlapse For Fashion Week

Instgram releases new app, Hyperlapse. Get ready for better quality video. Perfect for capturing Fashion Week in all its glory!

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Attention fashion folks who are attending fashion week next week, behold, the new Instagram app, Hyperlapse.

These days editors and the like fill their Instagram feeds with  runway shots from Fashion Week. They almost always turn out blurry however as the models strut by. Video on Instagram is just as bad, and pretty pointless. Even if you’re lucky enough to be sat front row, photos and videos look like a blurry magical dream, no matter how quick your finger can work. Models are fast!

Hyperlapse makes videos a lot easier, and allows editors to record the entire show, then edit which part they’d like to Instagram, and manage the speed, as the app supports up to 45 minutes of footage.

For those not attending Fashion Week, now we can pretty much view the show in one of many Instagram videos that are likely to follow. Thank you, dear Hyperlapse!

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