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Instagram Forced To Apologise After Removing Plus Size Woman’s Bum Selfie

Instagram accused of double standards and forced to apologise after taking down plus-sized woman Meghan Tonjes’ bum selfie. More here.

Meghan Tonjes Controversial Bum Selfie

Source: Instagram

Following Rihanna’s supposed ban from Instagram for showing too much flesh, the social networking app have found themselves in more controversy around what they deem is acceptable once again.

Most artists and celebrities flash the flesh on Instagram daily, especially in the run up to summer, bikini pictures seem like a daily occurrence. But when singer-songwriter Meghan Tonjes posted a photo of her bum, (whilst wearing underwear we might add) to her profile, Instagram removed it claiming it violated their mature content rule.

But Meghan thinks that Instagram are just making excuses, she believes that the photo was flagged because people were uncomfortable with the size of her butt. Meghan accused the company of double standards because of her size, which is a very valid point considering we’ve all seen Kim Kardashian’s ‘butt selfie’ and New York based workout fanatic Jen Selter dubbed ‘Queen of the butt selfie’ seems to post them daily.

After calling out the company, Instagram eventually restored the photo and sent Meghan an apology.

“Yo, @instagram. This is a body. I’d apologize if it makes you uncomfortable, but I don’t particularly care about your warped definition of nudity or mature content. Please let me know if when my genitals are completely covered and I’m not doing anything sexual, how much skin is allowed to be seen and how responsible I am for the sexual lust inspired in people who view said body. You created a platform for people to share the human experience through photos. Here’s the human experience.”

Meghan’s story has gone viral and the media have started to question the credibility of Instagram’s policy.

“It’s a proud moment for my butt,” she told The Gloss about the attention she (or one particular part of her) has been getting.

And in an almost finger up to Instagram, if you check Meghan’s Instagram now she has continued to post candid photos, as she should. But Meghan is right, surely everyone should be free to post photos of any parts of their body, including their arses whether they be large or small. And if you don’t like it, remember guys, that’s what the unfollow button is for!

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