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Human Barbie Scares Away Human Ken

Self-professed ‘plastic surgery junkie’, Human Ken blasts human Barbie “an extreme plastic surgery case.” Find out more about the public feud here.

Source: Valeria Lukyanova Twitter

After dedicating a whopping amount of time, money -and sanity-to become a human replica of the Barbie doll, the iconic figurine may be latest figure of bygone years to succumb to 21st century living and embrace a status of independent woman – because who needs to wait around for ‘Ken’ anyway?

In what should be a perfect -albeit ridiculously idealistic partnership – it seems the human Barbie and human Ken, despite their uncanny resemblances, will never live up to the dreamy romance envisaged by millions of children after being publicly slammed by human Ken, real name Justin Jedica. 

In a crushing blow, human Barbie, whose real name is Valeria Lukyanova was criticised by Jedlica/Ken for having: “No personality behind her. It’s pretty flatline“. The celebrity, who is no stranger to reality television and enjoys the fame.

He continues to say: “She doesn’t really even do television appearances like I do”.  Ukrainian born Lukyanova/Barbie is much more comfortable enjoying her time in the limelight from a distance, preferring to keep an active profile through her descriptive online platforms of Twitter and Instagram, where she openly speaks of her punishing fitness routines and odd diets of ‘cosmic micro foods’  – that’s air and light to us freakish mortals. 

Though while Ken/Jedlica is equally outlandish, he has openly told GQ Magazine that he just doesn’t “get” Barbie/Lukyanova, and further criticises her as “an extreme plastic surgery case”, an extraordinary comment considering he himself proudly boasts over 90 cosmetic procedures and a self declaration to being ‘New York’s #1 plastic surgery junkie.’

With Ken/Jedlica further slating Barbie/Lukyanova, stating: “My disdain comes from her, not as a person, but the way her story’s panned out and the reason behind her fame”, he succeeds in highlighting the fame-hungry narcissist beneath the plastic exterior of a toy figurine.

With Barbie/Lukyanova still to rise to Ken’s/Jedlica’s insults, we can’t help thinking this relationship is over before it’s even fractionally begun…and what a relief!

To discover more about the human Barbie and her bizarre existence, check out her Twitter .

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